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Piano Tuning

Tuning your piano is essential for the maintenance of your instrument. Depending on the frequency of use and the atmospheric conditions of your pianos location, your piano should be tuned at least once or twice per year. If a piano hasn't been tuned in a few years it may require a pitch raise which is a quick tuning to bring it up to par before performing the refined tuning.


All pianos sooner or later need regulation. The mechanics and materials of the piano, which are referred to as the action by technicians, go through wear and tear as the instrument is played and ages. With wear comes a sensation of irregularity in the touch & tone of the piano. Regulation involves adjusting parts back to their set specifications, which enables the piano to play at its optimal ability.


There are over a thousand moving parts in a piano. Some pianos need to be repaired before they can even be tuned. Most pianos can be repaired in your home, but larger jobs may call for the action being brought back to the shop.


Replacing the worn out strings and parts of the action can breathe new life into your piano. It is often more expensive to buy a new piano than to recondition your existing instrument. Not all pianos are worth reconditioning but some pianos have sentimental value and some are worth reconditioning because of their potential to be great again. This work is often done in a shop setting but can sometimes be done in a customer's home if they are on a tighter budget.

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